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  4. Ten Keys to Customer Loyalty

    Ten Keys to Customer Loyalty

    Fri 31 Aug, 2018 01:35 AM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

     The goal when creating customer is to give your customers an unexpected positive experience that keeps you and your product at the top of their mind.Your goal is to have a frequent interaction with the customer, so when the time arrives for them to purchase your product again, they will think about you and your […]

  5. Making a Customer Relation Management (CRM) System Work For You

    Making a Customer Relation Management (CRM) S…

    Tue 20 Mar, 2018 06:26 PM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

     If you’re not familiar with what CRM software does, it’s specifically designed to help facilitate and improve the communication and relationships between you and your clients. CRM software can do a wide variety of different tasks depending on which one you buy; common uses for a CRM system include account management, comprehensive analytics, data collection […]

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  8. How To Find Customers

    How To Find Customers

    Tue 9 Jan, 2018 03:39 AM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

    Starting and operating a successful business requires an incredibly diverse set of skills and talents. It isn’t enough to be good at just putting a plan to paper, being a convincing salesperson, managing money and finances, or improving upon existing products and services. You have to have *all* of these skills under one roof in […]