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How Your Brief Encounter with the Mega Millions Can Take You To The Next Level

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Were you one of the many people who played Mega Millions recently, hoping to win the 1.5 billion dollars? I know, you’re one of those people who never play the lottery, but you just could not resist the chance to win over a billion dollars. Did you think about what you would do with the money? Did you dream and plan? Did you think about where you would move and what your new house would look like? Did that new home have a 5- or 10-car garage filled with all the luxury cars you dream of? Who would you share the money with? Or who would you not share with (I’m sure we all have those relatives!)? What charities would you have donated to? I’m sure you were able to completely visualize your new life after winning the lottery. 

Well it’s likely you were not the winner, but that should not stop you from visualizing—and getting, what you want. Now, the key question becomes, “How do we create and maintain the environment for success in our minds so it becomes a reality?”

You can achieve this with this proven four-letter system:

I–Idealize: Idealize your future. Imagine your life the way you’d like it to be.

V–Visualize: Visualizing is a little different from idealizing. Idealizing means you dream up the future you want. When you visualize, you imagine the steps you’d take to get there. You picture them vividly. You see exactly what you’ll do from beginning to end. Write down those goals and set mini goals to help you along the way.

V–Verbalize: Say it out loud! This may be the most important step. Name your goal. When you verbalize your goals, your unconscious mind will organize your thoughts into something concrete. This will help you better comprehend your goals, too. Verbalizing them will help keep you accountable. When sharing your goals, you’ve given someone else the ability to help you reach those goals and keep you on track.

M–Materialize: When you visualize it and take action, it will materialize! Following these steps will help you manifest your dreams. These steps will help you reach your goals. They’re easy to do and are extremely affect! Be open-minded and imaginative. Go for what you want! Remember, it only works if you try it!


While this four-letter system may not help you win the lottery, it will help you reach your goals. Idealize, visualize, verbalize and see your dreams materialize! 

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